Credit: Danny Green

What are the competition dates?

The competition is open to entrants from May 28th to 09:00 on June 24th. Entries after that time will not be accepted.

Where can I submit my photos?

Submissions are made here

Are mobile photos ok?

Yes, photos taken on a mobile phone are welcome (alongside photos taken on traditional cameras). Just bear in mind that the photo quality may impact on the judge’s decision – you might want to check your phone settings to turn the quality up to its highest setting. Images must be a minimum of 640 pixels wide and no larger than 10mb

Can I use filters/photoshop?

Yes, you may use these if you wish to crop and edit photos. However the judges will be able to tell if photos have been heavily enhanced and this may impact on their decision.

What’s the exhibition?

The winning photos will be printed large-scale and displayed in a free exhibition which will be a highlight of the National Park City Festival. It takes place 20th-28th of July and will be highly publicised throughout the city. The exhibition will take place outdoors near Kings Cross and will be seen by thousands of people – an amazing opportunity to share your brilliant photo with the world.

Any suggestions for photo shoot locations?

The view from your window, your own garden, your street…everything around you in London is a potential wildlife haven! For a day out exploring, the London Wildlife Trust manage nature reserves all over the city – some are probably closer to you than you think. . The competition launch event on May 28th will also give the chance to explore the Walthamstow Wetlands reserve with the guidance of a photography teacher, so you can get some extra tips and tricks for the competition!

What are the prizes?

The category winners will win a special one-to-one photography experience day, sharing an adventure with a well-known wildlife photography expert, as well as winning state-of-the-art camera equipment to use on the day and beyond. Category winners will also be invited to a prize-giving ceremony at City Hall to celebrate their win. Shortlisted winners will have their photos seen by thousands of people at an exhibition in Kings Cross, which takes place in July during the National Park City Festival.