Credit: Paul Harris

Nature Photography for Children

Tuesday 28th May, 1.30-2.30pm

Nature photography is for everyone and in this workshop professional wildlife photographer Rachel Wegh will introduce budding young photographers to basic photography skills using digital cameras or phone cameras. Using slides and examples, Rachel will introduce children to the basics of carefully approaching wildlife and then taking great photos that tell a story.

The session will end with Rachel leading the group around Woodberry Wetlands to take some shots on site and put new skills into practice.

Nature photography for DSLR users

Tuesday 28th May, 2.45-4pm

This workshop is aimed at those who own a DSLR camera and would like to expand their existing skills into nature photography. Rachel is a seasoned wildlife photographer with a wealth of knowledge to share. Using slides and examples, you will learn tips and tricks for using your camera to its maximum potential, as well as advice on approaching wildlife carefully.

The session will end with a trip into Woodberry Wetlands to put new skills into action.

Beginners Nature Photography

Tuesday 28th May, 10am-11am

Come and discover the secrets of wildlife photography with professional photographer and teacher Rachel Wegh. Whether you have a digital camera or just a phone camera, Rachel will introduce the basics of lighting, composition, narrative and how to safely approach wildlife in this short workshop.

After showing some examples, the group will then head into the Walthamstow Wetlands to put the new skills into practice under Rachel’s guidance.

Mindfulness Nature Photography

Tuesday 28th May, 11.15am-12.15pm

Being in nature can help with meditation and mindfulness. In this short workshop, professional wildlife photographer Rachel Wegh will share the principles of mindfulness – being aware of ourselves and the world around us – and put them into practice with nature photography.

After an introductory session, participants will be challenged to take a limited number of photos based on these principles, fully engaging with their surroundings and rooting themselves in the present moment.